A New Driving Experience

Live Roads dramatically improves the most important aspects of your driving experience. We are introducing a revolutionary mobile navigation platform featuring, HD Maps, Lane-Level Navigation, PIP Maps, and Fully Customizable 3D Cars. The app empowers users to experience a level of Detail and Control not possible with any contemporary navigation app available today. As the first of its kind in the navigation app space, the app takes car navigation into the 21st Century.

Seamless Navigation

Navigation as it was meant to be, Accurate, Intuitive, & in High Definition!!
From waze to tomtom, all current navigation apps are stuck in the past, showing confusing & imprecise views of maps that frustrate users when they should be focused on the road.
Live Roads is VERY Different, we use ground-breaking technology that was developed in-house to provide users with breakthrough features such as HD Maps, and Lane-Level Navigation.
With one press of a button you will be zoomed into the Future of High Definition Navigation, available today only with Live Roads.

Navigation & Route Selection

Take control of your journey with our intuitive and Easy to use Route Selection Planner. Easily add & remove Waypoints to fully customize your route, and any required pit stops along the way.
Our clever and unique Navigation Assistant is never intrusive, only providing Visual and Audible assistance precisely when necessary.
Imagine, no more surprises and missed exits, with Live Roads you can finally take control of your Navigation.

Seamless Navigation

About Us

At Live Roads we are passionate about driving and how to best integrate technology with the driver. We continually strive to bring the best possible driving experience by providing the driver timely and relevant information in an innovative and exciting manner.
The Live Roads team consists of imaginative, driven individuals out to change the way you navigate.
We’re always looking for ways to challenge ourselves, pushing technology to new limits in order to give you a better driving experience.

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Planning for the future, whether as a corporation or governing body, everyone needs accurate real-time road data.
A partnership with Live Roads can equip you with the data needed to make better decisions and save time.
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